All flower photography is handheld, in situ, with natural light

Dogwood Group
Spring 2022

Bird of Paradise Group
with leaf macros

Lotus Group
in bright sun

Powder Puff Group
in morning light

Water Lily Group
in natural light

geroldii and milii

Himalayan Poppy Group
Longwood, PA

Yellow Poppy Anemone
in morning sun

Canna Lilly Leaf

Velvet Groundsel Leaf
in dappled sunlight

Globe Amaranth
in midday sun

Yellow Dahlia
in midday sun

Datura Center

Ti Plant


Mexican Sunflowers

Entire Marshwort
sunlit against dark water

Fern with Sori Spots
backlit in the morning

Orange Treasure Flower
in midday sun

Hearts & Thorns
on Alluaudia Ascendens 

Purple Poppy Anemone

Flowering Maple

Dew on Grass

Lollipop Plant

Brazilian Tree Fern
unfolding in spring

Mexican Tree Fern
against Forsythia

Mexican Tree Fern
in morning sun

Poinsettia Center
(an EPOD)

Blue Daisy
Felicia amelloides

Red Latan Palm
backlit, against full fan

Licuala Palm 1
with Queen Palm shadows

Leptochilus Fern
extreme close-up


Red Latan Palm
in dappled sunlight

Mexican Tree Fern
sunlit in undergrowth

Caribbean Copper Plant
in the early fall

in afternoon sun

Egyptian Starflowers
in morning sun

Egyptian Starflower
with leaf background

Bengal Clockvine Leaves
under Norfolk Pine

Cherokee Rose Shadow
against Seychelles Stilt Palm

Eastern Redbud Leaf
backlit in bright sun

in afternoon light

Marguerite Daisy

Tulip Center

Mccassar Oil Tree Leaf
in afternoon sun

Yellow Anemone
with bud

Roseleaf Sage
leaf backlit by the sun

Canna Lily Leaf
very close up

Gerbera Daisy
sunlit against shadows

Queen Palm
lattice of leaves

African Daisy
with Fibonacci spiral center


Sundrop Gazania

Treasure Flower

Palm Fan
backlit by bright sun

Veins in an Iris Petal
in morning light

Licuala Palm 2
with Queen Palm Shadows

Old Man Palm
with Queen Palm Shadows

Alder Flower
with dancing stamen


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